What to eat for breakfast when you go camping with your children?

Children love camping! But for parents, organization can be a real teaser … Especially for children to continue eating healthy even if you don’t have much material to cook.

Look, we have the solution so that you are sure to start the day with energy every day of your camping holiday!

Healthy and fresh breakfast for parents and children!

During a day of vacation in a camping, the children need a lot of energy: to play in the pool, to participate in the animations, to visit some places with their parents, to run with their new friends, to swim in the sea, …

To do all this, they need vitamins from the first minute of the day! You already know it, breakfast is the most important thing to hold on the day with energy. And therefore, nothing better than a healthy breakfast with fresh food …

A champion breakfast for the whole family!

We have listened to you! To make life easier for you, we propose this year a full breakfast option with your accommodation or plot. What do you think ?

Breakfast is made up for each person of:

  • a drink (coffee, tea or juice)
  • a croissant
  • a small fuet sandwich, typical breakfast in Catalonia
  • a couple of toast with jam