The best romantic weekend

Are you looking for a romantic getaway in a natural environment between sea and mountains? Are you in love and don’t know how to tell your partner? Plans at home are not bad, but we romantics need special plans from time to time, we have the perfect solution!

Glamping Mar is here to stay, the new 4-star Glamping tents of Camping del Mar. With all luxury of detail, comfort and a privileged location; the campsite is located on the beachfront and a few kilometers from the beautiful and unique coves of turquoise waters of the Costa Brava.

Read on and we’ll tell you everything you need to know about Glamping Mar and why you should consider this option for your long-awaited couple’s vacation.

No more looking for romantic or charming hotels… At Camping del Mar we will make it easy for you!

First of all you have to think about the reason for the trip, is it your partner’s birthday? Is it your anniversary? Have you just messed up with something and you don’t know how to solve it, and you think that going on a trip together is going to be the best solution? Is it the beginning of the relationship and you want to surprise him/her with something that he/she is not expecting?

From Camping del Mar we present THE proposal for a romantic getaway:

Glamping Mar is a fusion between “Glamour” + “Camping“, fully equipped, with a double bed, a small living room and a private bathroom. You can also include a full breakfast for two people every morning.

We offer a wide range of facilities: swimming pool, restaurant with terrace and direct access to the pool, offering a wide variety of dishes with gluten-free and vegan options, as well as a varied selection of drinks. In addition, each Glamping Mar accommodation has air conditioning, a barbecue, TV, bathroom with shower and fully equipped kitchen with fridge included!

Camping del Mar is ideal to relax and enjoy the tranquility of nature, but we also want to propose a series of plans to do around the campsite.

  1. Enjoy the beach: The campsite is on the beachfront. You can relax on the sand and enjoy the sea while sunbathing and getting tanned!
  2. Explore the coves of turquoise waters: The Costa Brava is known for its beautiful coves with crystal clear waters. In addition, there are hiking trails less than 20 minutes away where you can see indescribable landscapes.
  3. If you come in high season, practice sports at the Nautical Club right in front of Camping del Mar: paddle surfing, kayaking and much more.
  4. Rent bikes at the campsite and ride around the surrounding villages!

We’ll leave you alone! Now that you’ve discovered the best plan for a romantic weekend…