Francesc Macià Park

Park of more than 40.000 m2 located in Malgrat de Mar, where you can find areas to walk, rest and play! In addition to playgrounds there are also areas enabled to practice sports.

The Francesc Macia Park is mainly known for its giant sculptures (sweets and giant school objects to play with, a little house of Hansel and Gretel, a giant shoe…).

Oh, and it also has a picnic area!

Parc del Castell

The Castell Park is located on a hill, from where you can see a panoramic view of the entire municipality. The park is an area of recreation and leisure, multiple cultural activities are held. There are play areas for children and walking itineraries with botanical content.

Sometimes there have been celebrations of the Verneda neighborhood, popular concerts and various other events.

Xesco Boix Square

Square located at the end of the promenade of Mar, between the beach of Malgrat Center and the beach of the Conca. It has basketball hoops. Especially in summer as for example in San Juan it is celebrated there with music and dance.