About us

If you are here, it is because you will need to know Camping del Mar in depth and know more about what type of camping we are. Isn’t it?

Well, Camping del Mar is a bubble of tranquility, you will find yourself as in your own home, it is the place where you will feel free and happy, it is the place where you will go to disconnect from your day to day. Whenever you need it, we will be there to welcome you and share moments of happiness with you.

Since the beginning in 2010, we have always worked as a big family and that is how we will continue to work. Here you will feel like one of the family. We are a small campsite and that allows us to preserve the familiar atmosphere as always and treat each family as a special and different family.

In fact, we consider each of the families staying at the campsite as part of our adventure. For this reason, year after year, we adapt based on your comments to continually improve your vacation experience at Camping del Mar!

At Camping del Mar, you will share small moments of your vacation with each of our team. We have all committed ourselves to giving you the best vacation of your life! How will we do it ? Our main objective is to satisfy all the needs you may have during your vacation, as if they were ours. We will serve you as if you were part of our family, hoping that every little detail comes out as well as possible. Well, we will always be by your side!

Do you already want to meet us? Keep reading!

The team

For us, it is very important to all work together and help each other. We believe that each person is equally important and necessary for you to have an incredible vacation. Click on the photos to find out more about each team!


Rosario, Alicia, Mònica and Melina are the people who take care of you from the first moment. You will have the opportunity to speak with them by phone, by email or at the campsite reception. They answer your questions about your reservation, any possible doubts you may have, give you advice about the area,…

They have the answer to all your questions, and in your language!


The entertainers will be the favorites of your children! They organize for them (but also for the parents) a lot of activities so that you can enjoy every moment of your vacation!

Nautical activities, sports, crafts, gymkhanas, dances, water games, night activities, … They know how to do it all!

With an endless source of ideas!


If you come to visit us in summer, you will meet Ricard, Pol and Raul at the door of the campsite. They are the ones who will accompany you in two key moments of your stay: upon your arrival and upon your departure. If you have any questions or a problem during your vacation, they will be in charge of communicating it to the appropriate team to solve it as soon as possible.

They always know who to call to answer your questions!

Bar Restaurant

If you like to eat, you are going to love this section! Mariona, Neus, Rocio and Judith are the ones who will attend you in our bar-restaurant. They will serve you food and drinks from breakfast to your after-dinner drink, always with a smile.

In the kitchen, Mila and Iris prepare delicious dishes for you. We recommend the paella, a specialty of the house!

Specialized in offering you moments of happiness


Rocío and Mirella save your life with the products of the mini-market when you forget something during the purchase! In addition, they are the ones that prepare bread and pastries every day so it is never missing…

They light up your day from the first minute with their croissants and other delicacies


Titi and Santi are in charge of maintaining the campsite: taking care of the green spaces, keeping the accommodation and facilities in good condition, building the wooden bungalows, … At the campsite, they know everything!

Experts in solving all kinds of problems!


Thanks to Kamusa and Djalandy, you will find an impeccable bungalow or mobile home upon arrival. They are also the ones in charge that the camping facilities such as the toilets or the common areas are clean at all times of your stay.

Always attentive to all the details!


Thanks to Saikou, the campsite is guarded 24/24. He will greet you if the reception is closed when you arrive, he will help you if you have any problems at night and he will be in charge of enforcing the silence from 00:00 so that you can rest…

Restful sleep guaranteed during your holidays!


Sabah and Roc take care of your and your children’s safety in the pool. They will be attentive at all times so that safety regulations are respected and that no one is in danger in the pool. You can now take a quiet bath, they have everything under control!

Always ready to jump and rescue you!

Join our great team!

Are you one of those who say good morning with a smile? Do you help your neighbors without thinking twice? So, you are one of us!

Send us your CV and participate in the happiest days of the year for a lot of families from all over Europe!

Our social commitment

Don’t be surprised if you hear about solidarity activities during your camping holidays. Every year, we raise funds for various charities thanks to the activities we organize. It seems important to us to participate in the defense of different causes to the best of our ability.

Look at the actions we have carried out in recent years!

Our environmental commitment

At the campsite, nature surrounds you: the sea looks you straight ahead, the beach dunes protect you from the wind, the trees bring you tranquility and the sound of the birds lulls you. You don’t want to lose all of this, do you? Neither do we! We believe that it is important to take care of nature for all that it gives us. Every year, we try to improve our behavior and reduce our ecological footprint.

We eliminate plastic bags

We give a cloth bag to each family to replace them.

We use less paper

Reducing our use of paper through mostly digital communication

We favor the recycling of waste

Thanks to containers of different colors scattered throughout the campsite

Recyclable takeaway packaging

in recycled paper or cardboard

Use of electric cars

for the campsite staff

Do you have ideas of how we can make the camping even more sustainable? Send us your proposal and we will be happy to study it for the next few years!

Ready to be part of this wonderful adventure that is Camping del Mar?

Be careful, there are rumors that once you have discovered Camping del Mar, it is for many years…

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